26 years of experience
as a clinician

Dr. Marius Steigmann has perfected numerous impant treatment procedures
and he is teaching them at the Steigmann Institute in Heidelberg Germany.

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Tap into Dr. Steigmann's way of thinking, understand his secrets
bennefit from his amazing experience as a top Master Clinician.

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Latest News

    • 23-26 APR 2014

    1 Year Clinical Masters Program in Implant Dentistry

    Live surgery and hands-on with the masters in their own institutes plus online mentoring and on-demand learning at your own pace and location.

    • 17-18 MAR 2014

    Soft Tissue Management for Bone Augmentation

    Different tissue biotype react different to surgical trauma. For this reason we have adjusted the surgical approach to the biotype (tissue thickness) specific to each patient and location in the oral cavity.

    (Other dates also available)

    • 20-21 MAR 2014

    Soft Tissue Management for the Aesthetic Zone

    The achievement of optimal aesthetics around anterior dental implants has been a major challenge for many clinicians. The key to an aesthetically pleasing appearance lies in the clinician's ability to manage properly the soft tissue profile around dental implants.

    (Other dates also available)

    • 17-18 OCT 2014

    Soft Tissue Management Prosthetic Soft Tissue Development

    The main purpose of this course is to explain, demonstrate and teach soft tissue development around implants in fixed single and multiple implant placement.

    (Other dates also available)