The achievement of optimal aesthetics around anterior dental implants has been a major challenge for many clinicians. The key to an aesthetically pleasing appearance lies in the clinician's ability to manage properly the soft tissue profile around dental implants.

    Participants will learn:

    • Incision in the aesthetic zone
    • Different flapdesigns for the aesthetic zone
      • for GBR
      • for soft tissue improvement
      • for creating keratinized gingiva
      • for gaining soft tissue elasticity
    • EBF aesthetic buccal flap, roll flap, pedicular flap and soft tissue uncovering techniques
    • Advanced suturing techniques

    Ergonometrically designed equipment and generous lecture and practice rooms enhance the mediation of theoretical and practical educational contents and facilitate the learning of ultra-modern surgical techniques.

    • Hands-On for flap design in the aesthetic zone
    • Incision and suturing on pig jaws
    • Aesthetic soft tissue surgery
    • Papilllae maintenance
    • Papillae reconstruction
    • Papillary illusion
    • Live surgery

    Each participant will receive a printed hand-out with most of the articles published by Dr. Steigmann

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  • Implant Course Dates (EN)

    • Heidelberg, Germany
      11-12 July 2014

      (Fri, Sat)
    • Module 1 and 2 combined (four days) (Heidelberg)

      9-12 July 2014
    • Module 1, 2 and 3 combined (five days) for participants from far away (Heidelberg)

      16-17, 19-21 March 2015
    • Israel
      17-18 December 2014

      (Fri, Sat)
    • Poland
      Date to be announced